No Capture, No Release (feat. Intrinsic)

by Cresca & Intrinsic

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Fire in my head
Seems like I'm braindead
I'm not tired, I'm wired still

"Lackluster," they said
"Your mind's been shot dead"
I'm not tired, I'm wired still

"Have you no sense of will?"
So I'm to prove my skill?

Buzzing in my head
Nonstop, see red
I'm not tired, it's a wired thrill

Ten steps ahead
No sense of dread
I'm not tired, it's a wired thrill

Do you not see my will?
It's self-directing with its own set of wheels
I'm in the passenger's seat while my brain reels

I ain't got nothing to prove
Not like I could if I tried
All I got's something to demonstrate, help you see a new side
When the miles ahead have far enough eclipsed the miles behind
You can forget about a silent mind
Or climb outside that shadow of doubt
And catch lightning in a bottle only to lose it up in the clouds
I'm trailing off, forgot what I thought of, but it was damn righteous
Might have penned some fire but I can't read my fucking handwriting
Still be over-analyzing almost everything
Choosing donut flavors still be stressing me
Since age 10 I thought that superhero flicks were moral absolutist propaganda
Can't tell if that means I need to smoke more or less weed
So let's see how much a man can dichotomize before splitting decisions in half
All the divisions diluting my vision got me doing shoddy jobs
Packing shit in boxes where they might not belong
And I know that process is unfinished
But maybe I'll get it if I can shut myself the fuck up for a minute
So I'm trying to jump unpicturesquely drunk in less ditches
I'm trying to leave less cigarette butts to choke the fishes
But I'm trying to figure out what with the Fukushima cesium and BP oil if the effort's even worth the difference
There I go again)

Am I to prove my skill?
Witness my rapid orbit of thought circles
Leave nothing left unturned

Do you not see my will?
I can't release myself, but I do learn


released September 25, 2016
Brianna Carmel: Vocals
Gabe Miniaci: Vocals
Luis Quintero: Keys
Tristen Winnen: Drums, Guitar, Bass, Mixing




Cresca Sacramento, California

We are a 4 piece progressive rock band from Sacramento, CA. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Soundcloud.

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